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About us

Natryskiwanie cieplne, ceramika techniczna, natryskiwanie naddźwiękowe HVOF

CERTECH Sp. z o.o.

In connection with a coronavirus pandemic:

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“CERTECH” Sp. z o.o. has been active on the market since 1998.
Our speciality is application of ceramic coatings (metal oxides – e.g., chromium oxide, aluminium oxide, zirconium oxide, etc.) using the plasma spray method. In addition, we have been building our expertise and experience and know-how concerning this technology for over 20 years, first as the employees of “ANGA” Uszczelnienia Mechaniczne Sp. z o.o. – mother company of Certech. We support our Customers in selection of a material and process for a specific application.

We purchased the state-of-the-art plasma coating system in 2007, namely MULTIPROCESS SPRAY SYSTEM MP 100. Purchase of this equipment was intended to assure top quality of applied coatings by a guarantee of repeatability of process parameters and stability of equipment operation. It is a computer-controlled system with relevant data recoded for easy retrieval for the next process.

Expanding our offer, we suggest to our Customers also other thermal spraying methods allowing application of coatings other than ceramic, e.g. steel (structural, stainless), bronze, molybdenum, etc. Furthermore, we can offer to you application of some types of carbide coatings, e.g. chromium carbide coatings.

Of course, our company ensures necessary treatment of applied coatings, i.e. turning, grinding or polishing. We obtain surface roughness after treatment Ra within the limits from 0.16 µm to even 0.06 µm.

We also machine and make precision machine parts of modern structural materials – of high abrasion resistance, corrosion-resistant with excellent sliding properties.

The scope of our activity covers manufacturing of machine parts, including e.g. sliding components, bearings, nozzles, pistons made of advanced structural materials, i.e.:

– technical ceramics: silicon carbide, aluminium oxide
– carbon-graphite composites.

Their specific properties, such as:
– very goods abrasion resistance
– high hardness – silicon carbide is one of the hardest materials on the Earth
– very good corrosion resistance
– chemical resistance covering almost the whole pH range (0-14)
– low friction factor
– ability to keep mechanical properties in high temperatures enable them to be used in structures exposed to very intense abrasion, aggressive chemical, corroding and temperature media and where reduced frictional resistance, neutrality to the environment are required.
They are applied in chemical, food, petrochemical industries, in environmental protection, power engineering, water and wastewater management, cement mills and many other industries.

Application of these materials enables:
– increase of machine life
– extension of repair cycles
– reduction of energy losses
– reduction of environmental pollution risk

We use semi-finished products and raw materials from known manufacturers with global reputation. Machine parts made of technical ceramics and carbon-graphite plastics are manufactured in both traditional machine tools and using CNC technology.

Our Strengths
One of our Company strengths is immediate response to any signal from the Customer – we provide technical consulting, advice, technical documentation and short lead-time even up to 7 working days, and lead-time in emergency situations can be 2-3 working days.

Our offer is addressed to
We especially want to catch interest of Chief Mechanics, Maintenance Managers, Designers, Process Engineers and all people, whom we can help to improve the life of equipment, and thus to reduce downtime and repair costs.