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Natryskiwanie cieplne, ceramika techniczna, natryskiwanie naddźwiękowe HVOF

The technology of thermal spraying offers a big choice of materials nowadays. Their selection depends on an applicationworking conditions and operation of parts and equipment.
Our employees, often working in consultation with our Customers, select a material for a specific application basing on knowledge and experience gained.
Please note that we use materials from manufacturers that have worldwide reputation.

Type of coating materialPropertiesExamples of application
Ceramics:chromium oxide (Cr2O3, Cr2O3+TiO2)aluminium oxide (Al2O3, Al2O3+TiO2)zirconium oxide (ZrO2,ZrO2+Y2O3) very high abrasion resistance – high hardnesshigh chemical resistancegood slide propertieselectric insulationthermal barrier – resistance to temperature corrosionresistance to thermal shocksresistance to erosion areas under gaskets and seals (under o-rings, rotary shaft lip seals /Simmer rings/)bearing journals (slide bearings)sliding surfacesguides, guiding rollspistons, plungers, piston rodsprotective sleevessurfaces of nozzles, cyclonesblades of separators, fanswork support bladescomponents of aircraft engines
Pure metals and metal alloysmolybdenum, Mosteel – ferrous alloyscopper, Cunickel – nickel alloys (Ni Cr, NiAl)bronze high resistance to corrosion and oxidationexcellent good slide properties – low friction factorresistance to abrasiongood workability bearings and sliding surfacesrestoring dimensions – regeneration of shaft necks, impellersvalves, valve stemswork support blades
Carbideschromium carbide Cr3C2tungsten carbide WC-Co good resistance to corrosionvery good resistance to abrasion and erosionresistance to oxidationresistance to cavitation they replace technical chromiumpistons, plungersvalves, valve ballsstamping dies, punchestransport rollers