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Natryskiwanie cieplne, ceramika techniczna, natryskiwanie naddźwiękowe HVOF

“CERTECH” has been offering its services of thermal spray application of coatings since 1998.
This technology enables us to change the properties of a top coat on machine parts improving its properties, restoring dimensions, increasing reliability and life.

Both our experience and equipment we have, including e.g. the state-of-the-art Multi-Process Spray System MP-100 purchased in 2007, guarantee the top and repeatable quality of our services.

Our offer includes application of ceramic, carbide and metal coatings of the following properties:
– very high hardness
– abrasion resistance – protection against faster wear,
– regeneration 
– very good corrosion resistance
– low friction factor – sliding layers and surfaces
– resistance to high temperatures, oxidation, hot gases
– thermal barriers
– high electrical resistance- insulation layers,
– protection against erosion wear, cavitation wear