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Thermally applied coatings are used for many purposes nowadays – starting from household (kitchenware) through power engineering, chemical and petrochemical industries to aviation and aerospace industries. There is no single industry that would not use thermal coating methods. These methods are also used by both the manufacturers of machines and equipment (the so-called OEMs), who coat new parts, and end-users, who mostly regenerate the parts. 

Examples of applied coatings.

Machine-building industry
– journals and slide bearings, guides, housings, bearing seats, shafts and journals
– worn out by seals, guide rollers
– pumps: sliding rings, disks, shafts (areas worn out by rubber seals, cords, etc.), protective sleeves
– machine tool spindles
– hydraulic machine parts – piston rods, cylinders, plungers, pistons, valves

Food industry
pistons, impellers, distributors, sleeves, valves, pump and mixer shafts – areas of mating with seals, bearing journals

Chemical and petrochemical industries
pistons, shafts, sliding rings, fans, shaft protective sleeves, cyclones

Textile industry
thread guides, reels, rollers, drums for thread guiding, stretching, transporting and winding

Paper and printing industries
rolls, cylinders, damping rollers, guiding and tensioning rolls and pulleys, anilox rollers

Mining, extractive and metallurgical industries
pistons, plungers, piston rods, mandrels, bearing journals, e.g., of electric motor rotors, heading machine components

Power and heat engineering
thermal barriers, turbine blades, stator surfaces, valve stems

Aircraft industry
engine components – turbine blades, seals, thermal barriers